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I travel to these locations in Fairfax County, Virginia:

Annandale   Burke   Chantilly   Clifton   Fairfax   Falls Church   Great Falls   

Herndon   McLean   Oakton   Reston   Tysons   Vienna

Are you in need of a professional mobile notary to notarize your documents in Fairfax County? 

I can help you, whether it is a single document such as a Power of Attorney, an estate planning package, or real estate documents.  I'll meet you at the time and location of your choice--your home, office, asssisted living, medical office, hospital, or rehab facility--to meet your notary needs. 

Notary services in Fairfax, notary McLean VA, notary public Annandale, Vienna, Falls Church,

I provide this convenience to the following:
individuals, businesses, title and escrow companies, banks, attorneys,
 and medical practices.
OR Use the 

Monday-Friday, 8am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday, 8am-5pm 

I service all, but am not limited to the following areas and zip codes:

Chantilly, Clifton, Centreville:  
Herndon: 20170/20171
Reston: 20190/20191/20194
Annandale: 22003
Burke: 22015
Dunn Loring: 22027

Fairfax: 22030/22031/22032/22033/22035/22039
Falls Church:
Great Falls: 22066
McLean: 22101/22102
Oakton: 22124
Vienna: 22180/22181/22182


​Real Estate documents and Closings

Trust, Lifecare, Estate Planning
Individual documents

Real Estate Documents and Closings

Whether it is a single real estate document such as a Deed, or a full set of mortgage documents, I will travel to your location to assist.
As a certified notary signing agent, I can assist with the last stage of the buying or selling process-- the signing and notarization of your purchase or sale documents. You may arrange with your title company to use your own mobile notary.

The title company or law firm typically emails me the file, which I print and bring to the signer for our appointment. If requested, I can scan the executed file, email it back to title via a secure file transfer method, and then ship the file via UPS or FedEx. 

If you're signing for a property that is located in one of the five witness states (Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina), the Deed will require that signers have one or two witnesses present at the signing. The title company will tell you if the notary may act as one of the witnesses as well. 


Commercial Loan
Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Deed of Trust
New Construction
FHA/VA Loans... and more.

Trust, Lifecare Planning, Estate Planning

I can assist the attorney with notarizations at their office or travel to your home, hospital, assisted living or rehab facility if you or a family member are homebound or unable to travel.  Several assisted living facilities in the Fairfax area have Emerald Mobile Notary Service on their list of preferred notaries. 

Please call me
703-577-5484 If you would like to schedule a Power of Attorney signing for yourself or for a relative. This document requires more consideration in advance, and I can provide you with information and help with your questions.

If you'd like to create a customized Advance Healthcare Form, visit the Virginia State Bar Association's webpage for free downloadable forms.
And to create a free registry account on the Virginia Health Information (VHI) where you can store the form, please see my
Resources Page.  

Power of Attorney
Last Will & Testament
Living Trust
Living Will or Advance   Healthcare Directive
Certificate of Trust

Individual Documents

The more common notarized documents that we call "general notary work" are those not usually related to real estate or estate planning.
Just like the other documents though, having a well-trained notary is just as important. Examples of these are the Prenuptial Agreement, Travel Consent Form, or a Lease Agreement.

Separation Agreement
Travel Consent Form
Prenuptial Agreement
Adoption Agreement
Quitclaim Deed
Religious Exemption Form


"Each and every notary public plays a crucial role in combating identity theft.
They serve as our front line of defense and the public is safer because of the job they do."     -Ken Salazar

Your Identification Requirements and Your Notary Appointment

Acceptable Forms of Identification
According to Virginia law, signers must personally appear before the notary and present a government-issued photo identification. The name on your ID must match the printed name on your document. The acceptable forms of identification in Virginia are as follows:
mobile notary McLean VA,  Power of Attorney, notary services, notary near me, Falls Church, Herndon, Reston VA, 20151, 20170, 20171
1. United States passport
2. United States passport card
3. Certificate of United States citizenship
4. Certificate of naturalization
5. Foreign passport
6. United States green card with photograph
7. State-issued driver's license
8. State-issued identification card
9. United States military identification card

Coherent and Alert Signer

If you are arranging for a loved one or family member to sign a legal document, that person must be coherent, aware, and be able to communicate with the notary.  It is the notary's job to determine that the signer shows an understanding of the document and a willingness to sign. This is for the protection of the individual doing the signing. You can find more information regarding elderly signers in the Frequently Asked Questions page. 

When Can you Sign your Documents?

You should fill in all blank spaces in the document before the notary arrives, but please do not inital or sign your documents until you are in the presence of the notary. 

If you Have Questions about Your Documents

The notary public can give you general information but is unable to provide legal advice. Since a notary public is not duly trained or certified to practice law, we are unable to provide assistance in prescribing or determining the particular document a customer may need; we cannot select the type of notarization or certificate for a given document; and we cannot prepare a document or give advice on completing a document.

June Siegel-Hill

My Notary Work and Goals

I didn't know mobile notary work existed until a few years ago, when I was the signer at my
own refinance appointment, and a skilled notary signing agent handled the closing. 
Now, as the owner of Emerald Mobile Notary Service, I'm dedicated to becoming one of the most trusted and skilled notaries in the area. I've taken specialized training in lifecare and estate planning documents and enjoy that work. I find it rewarding to assist people who are elderly or unable to travel, and I have become a regular notary at several healthcare facilities.

As of May 2023, I'm certified to handle real estate closings using IPEN technology, which
is in-person electronic notarization. At an IPEN signing, we use the SurfacePro Tablet and a stylus. This eliminates the need to print out large real estate files. This makes it much more efficient, not only because no paper is used, but errors can now be automatically avoided with the stroke of a button.

Having taken 150+ hours of Notary Stars training ( and completed the Notary2Pro Elite program  (, I also assist title and escrow clients with real estate closings. It is my aim to provide the buyer or seller with a smooth signing experience. I am confident that with my thorough preparation and attention to detail, I'm  giving the signers the most accurate summaries of their real estate documents and getting their questions answered while we're still at the table. 
Traveling notary, notary in Herndon VA, notary services, Annandale, Burke VA, 20120, 20121, 20124
EscrowTab Seal_edited_edited.png

Notary Training and Certifications

The four training programs I've completed below are the most reputable ones there are.
As of 2023, I'm participating in my third year of continuing education with Notary Stars live online training sessions. I am committed to continuing my education for the duration of my commission.

You may verify my status by clicking on the links to my profile listings at the bottom.


National Notary Assoc.

Virginia commission, expires 2025. Certified Notary Signing Agent; submit to annual required exam and  background screening;  Notary Essentials certified. As a member, I have access to the NNA Hotline in times of question.

National Notary Association, mobile notary, McLean, Tysons, notary near me, 22039, 22041, 22042, 22043
Notary Stars, Notary Fairfax VA, mobile notary Vienna VA, 22039, 22041, 22042, 22043
Notary Stars

Notary Stars national training: participate in live, online, continuing education classes in general notary work and all loan products. Completed 150+ hours of training and continue to participate. 

Notary2Pro, well-trained notary, mobile notary,  mobile signing agent, 22043, 2046, 22066

Notary2Pro Elite Certification and 
Reverse Mortgage training completed in 2021

Notary in Herndon, Reston, Vienna, mobile notary near me, 22101, 22102, 22124, 22180
Laura Biewer Presents

Completed training in "Laura Biewer Presents" library:  specialty notary work, which includes estate planning/lifecare planning documents and documents signed in healthcare facilities.

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