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Finding the Best Mobile Notary in Fairfax County, VA

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So, you've been told you need to get your documents notarized but you're not sure who or what to look for. You may not even be sure what a notary public does, so I'd like to paint an overall picture of the service I provide. Recently I was given some interview questions about my work as a mobile notary public, and I'm posting it here. How would you sum up your business for someone if you were in an elevator headed to the third floor? I provide a service of convenience to individuals and businesses, assisting with the final stage in the execution of contracts, real estate closings, and estate planning documents. I ensure that the documents are signed and notarized properly and that they are in line with Virginia notary laws and practices. What is your business all about? As a mobile notary, I travel throughout Northern Virginia to assist individuals and businesses. I'm trained and certified to present and notarize real estate documents, such as a buyer, seller, refinance, or HELOC package. My job is not just about signing and stamping; if desired, I can print out the loan package for the signer; scan and email the file back to the title company; and hand deliver the paper file to the title company or to the courier for shipping. Another facet of my service is the notarization of estate planning documents or living trust packages. My training as a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent has prepared me to present these prepared documents to the signer with or without the attorney's presence. Why should readers use your service? I participate in ongoing notary training, and I stay current on issues and practices affecting notary work. I'm passionate about learning our state laws and ensuring that documents are executed properly. I walk customers through the documents, making the process easy. I get many clients through word of mouth and I get them as a result of my solid 5-star reviews. The reviews on Google and Yelp show that I'm reliable, professional, and provide excellent customer service. Can you give us a tip on finding a notary? Finding a qualified notary who knows what they're doing is important. When you google "notary near me," you need to discern whether the website you find is a local one or a nationwide signing service. I would recommend staying away from signing services because they might be located across the country. A signing service in California, for example, doesn't know anything about our local area in Fairfax County or Northern Virginia and usually charges very high fees. The signing service acts as a middle man and they take the bulk of the fee for themselves. A local company that is run by a single mobile notary is usually trustworthy and has reasonable fees. Look for a local company, one where the owner is clearly identified on the website. I'd also recommend checking on their training and qualifications, which should be apparent. At the very least, they should have National Notary Association (NNA) certification and training. NNA training is very basic, so having training from other reputable sources as well means there will be less chance of error in their work. If you have a very basic form to notarize, going to your bank or the local UPS store might work, but they are not prepared to handle high-value documents. What are the most common questions people ask about your business? They ask about the process of signing and notarizing trust documents and what is required; they ask how far I travel; and they ask if they can email me the signature page of their document that originated in another state to be sure that the notarization block is in an acceptable format for Virginia. What was the most unexpected thing you ever encountered in your work? Recently, I was called to an appointment where an elderly gentleman would be signing a financial power of attorney so his adult children could help him with his affairs. He was a husband and father of four children and was terminally ill, in hospice care at home. One of the adult sons was highly anxious and told me that the other three siblings were taking advantage of his father. There was a lot of tension in the room, and I asked the entire family to leave the room so I could speak with the father. He told me he wanted to postpone the appointment, so we stopped the signing. The family called me back a few days later, and this time the son was present and calmer, and their father did voluntarily sign the Power of Attorney. What about your business makes you happy? I take pride in the fact that I've helped elderly, homebound, and infirm people deal with life's important matters; that I've helped families attain peace of mind in finalizing their wills and trusts; and that I've assisted young people with the final stage of their home purchase. What did you learn in kindergarten that most helps in your business? Be kind, play fair, listen to the needs of others. In this work I meet all kinds of people in all sorts of predicaments. I work to accommodate their schedule and I'm compassionate. How did you know that notary work was going to be your calling? I've worked in many fields in my lifetime, but this is the work I've been most passionate about. This work makes use of many skills I already have--reading for details, customer service, learning laws, and clear communication. What offer would you like to give readers so they can begin a conversation with you? First, I'll say that I'm responsive and welcome phone calls, emails, and texts. I'll answer any questions they have on the phone, and if needed, I'll research their issue. I'll get as much information as I can so that I'm prepared for our appointment. I can guarantee that I'll show up on time, I'll be prepared, and I'll make it a pleasant experience! June Siegel-Hill April 2024 Emerald Mobile Notary Service


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