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Notarizing your Transcript or Diploma

Updated: Jun 9

Notarization of transcript or diploma

Are you planning to study overseas and need to get your transcript or diploma notarized? Here are different ways to handle it. If you are in Fairfax County, VA and are planning to attend a high school or college overseas, you will probably need to get your transcript and/or diploma notarized. As a Virginia notary public, I can assist with that process. If you're going to study abroad, you will probably be required to provide proof that you completed high school or college, and that means obtaining what we call an authentication certificate, or apostille, for your transcript or diploma. The school you're applying to will likely give you specific instructions for obtaining the apostille. Where should you start? The first step would be to contact your school's registrar office and tell them you need to get your transcript or diploma notarized so that it can be authenticated at the state level (Secretary of the Commonwealth). You would state that you're having a mobile notary attend the meeting to notarize the document(s) and that the signer will need to provide their unexpired, government-issued photo ID. You would state that you're requesting a signed statement by the registrar or principal that the transcript/diploma is an original document issued by the school. Of course, they may not sign it until they're in the presence of the notary. There are a few ways to handle this. They may write their statement and sign directly on the transcript or diploma, and the notary would attach either an Acknowledgement or a Jurat to it. The notary can also provide a separate document called a Jurat with Affiant Statement. This form provides space at the top for the registrar or principal to write their statement. When the signer takes an oath to affirm that their written statement is true, the notary signs and stamps this form. Another option the notary may offer is a notarial act in Virginia called Copy Certification. With this method, the registrar/principal presents the original transcript or diploma, makes a copy of it, and the notary completes the Copy Certification form, certifying that the copy is a true copy of the original. I'm able to email the student and parents samples of these forms beforehand so they can check with the receiving party as to which kind of notarization is preferred. The apostille process can take some time, so it's important to have this part done properly. What's next? After getting the document(s) notarized, you would follow the instructions to get them authenticated (apostille) at the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Their detailed instructions, including the required cover letter, can be found on their website at If you'd like to schedule an appointment with me (notary) or have questions about the notarization process, contact June at Emerald Mobile Notary Service, (703) 577-5484 /

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Ronnie Lee Mickle
Ronnie Lee Mickle
Jun 03

Thank you for this helpful information!

Jun 05
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When you have the best instructors/mentors at Notary Stars, it's easy. :)

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